About Us – The KFL Legacy

Karma Fight League (KFL), established in 2023, aims to revolutionize the Sri Lankan combat sports scene with a fresh perspective and dedication to development.

As the nation’s first K1 fight league, KFL promises an epic journey into electrifying sports entertainment like never seen before. K1 fuses Karate, Muay Thai, and Boxing, creating a stage for 10,000+ professional and amateur fighters in Sri Lanka to showcase their skills.

In partnership with AFSO Sri Lanka and sanctioned by the All Fight System Organization, KFL is committed to meeting global standards.

KFL is transforming the Sri Lankan Sports Entertainment industry. Our commitment to excellence shines through our unprecedented prize pool, marking a historic milestone in Sri Lanka’s combat sports history.

Joining KFL isn’t just about attending an event – it’s about joining a movement

Our fighter selection process prioritizes highly skilled and dedicated athletes, ensuring only the best earn their place in the KFL Extreme Series.

At KFL 001, our inaugural event, we made waves by an event no one had ever expected to happen in Sri Lanka and we also welcomed an Indian fighter, setting the stage for an international showcase of talent. But this is just the beginning. Our vision is to attract even more international fighters, further elevating the global profile of Sri Lankan combat sports.

We are just getting started on the journey to revolutionize the Sri Lankan Sports Entertainment space. Be a part of KFL to witness history in the making!